Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Snit

BASSENCO once remarked to me that a certain atheist film maker who posted about her having attended Hyles-Anderson College could not get the facts straight if you nailed them in a straight row across his forehead. She did apologize for this outburst and assured me that the poor boy meant well.

She even said something like, "He writes screen plays, and that's how he thinks--like it's a screen play." She then showed me the synopsis he had written of "the facts" about her history of speaking up about abusive churches. His intention was to post the following record of her life.

In it, she had been a student at Hyles Anderson and had met Voyle Glover there: both untrue. There were all kinds of inconsistencies like this, but nothing damaging. And she was right: all the facts that he knew were neatly pieced together into a seamless garment.

He'd fit her, Voyle Glover, Dave Hyles, Vic Nischik, and I don't know who else all into a tidy synopsis that was sheer balls, but it made sense. It was like those grand pageant movies from the 1950s where all the characters named in a particular book of the Bible all connect up somehow in the script. When I had finished howling with laughter, she let him know that he'd gotten his facts wrong. And, luckily, he never posted the Cecil B. DeMille version of the foes of Fundamentalism. She may have put a flea in his ear.

Anyway, years later, she showed me another post from him, this one not so nice. He was unhappy with her first Conference of the Lambs and had written several things about her motives that were not only balls once again, but downright unfair. It all just came out of his head. She made some sort of ineffective protest to him, but I think she sensed that his reach was limited, and there was no point in giving credibility where none was due and none existed anyway.

But when her book about spiritual abuse came out, this rather mercurial young man did outright misrepresent her words. Took them out of context and made them mean the opposite of what she was saying, then assaulted her integrity for having said something she never said.

I privately wondered if the Fundamentalists would jump on the wagon on this one, but a few of them saw the deception, and it was pretty blatant. I started ruminating about refiring this blog.

But I am superfluous:
On May 6th he leveled the ridiculous charge(s) that Schizophrenic Christianity blames the victims.
On May 7 some hemming and hawwing were sharply evident on his blog as he reluctantly recommended the book
On May 8, more hemming and hawwing with a distinct foot-in-mouth tone of voice and a sulky suggestion that her previous book was simply better, that's all.
On May 14, his blogs disappeared entirely.

That's called a snit, and he'll probably be back once he recovers from whatever tongue lashings he got from normal people.


At 3:39 PM, Anonymous Dwayne Walker said...

I understand, from your profile description, that your name 'spiffinwheeze' is a joke and a spoof. A 'witty deception'. I used to write for 'Adult Christianity' and made a video for 'Landover Baptist Church', so I'm well acquainted with satire. Nevertheless, for those who have a difficult time telling truth from fiction in a satire, I want to set the record straight:

I never wrote a 'synopsis' about Jeri's (aka, Bassenco) history concerning her speaking up about abusive churches that referenced her allegedly attending Hyles Anderson, let alone meeting Voyle Glover there. Nor did I ever have the intention, or even attempt, to post a record about her life. Let alone a 'Cecil B. DeMille' version (which would hardly qualify as a synopsis). Why would I do so? Aren't there more interesting things to write about?

I would like to see this 'synopsis' that I allegedly wrote because it just doesn't exist. I have since challenged her to come on your site and repudiate this portion of the story which is either a misunderstanding, a blatant exaggeration or a lie. Take your pick.

I never took a dim view of her work. In fact, the press conference I put together in Jacksonville was meant to FOLLOW her conference so it could show a united front on behalf of the victims. My interview with Christa Brown was conducted in Texas so it would not conflict with her conference in Jacksonville.

That press conference, incidently, was meant for Christa Brown and Adam Horowitz, as well as those from the other scandals in the Jacksonville area. Thanks to Jeri, Christa and Adam were denied the opportunity to present their case, via a lead story on WTLV-12, before the public at large. Good work!


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